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While I have accepted a role to step into the public eye on an international level, I still spend most of my time on the glorious Gold Coast of Australia with speakers, presenters, actors, singers, models, musicians and celebrities to help them develop a bolder and highly attractive internet presence. Web design, pro photography, social media setup, inspirational coaching and writing snappy articles are my specialty. I love to take two or three clients per year with outrageous ideals, and help make their dreams come true! ~ ER

  • Let Me Build You A Website

  • Take Some Professional Photos

  • Write Some Irresistible Material

  • And Make You A Bigger Success


Here's what some of my readers, website, photography, coaching and advertising clients had to say without being prompted at all. ~ ER

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words about unconditional love, and that in order to break up we seek fault in the other. Now I know that when my guidance is firm, there is no wrong with the other. Your words have been such a catalyst for my well being at this point in my life. I am deeply grateful. Thank you for speaking up and speaking out."
- Kristian Hodko (actor film-maker)

"I really love everything you write about. You definitely have a higher level of consciousness. A lot of your words really help me to think about what I am doing, why I am doing it and where I am going. Moreover, you always point out answers and solutions and great suggestions to some of my questions. What an encouragement it is to read your work. And thanks again. "
- Eduardo Castro (network engineer)

"Elizabeth Richardson ... The MOST powerful mind I have ever had the privilege of knowing ... In 6 months, you have helped me TRANSFORM my life, into the perfected, wonderful reality that it is. "
- Angus Cooper (body builder)

"Elizabeth, you are very insightful. You are incredible!!! Thank you for your blessings. Thankyou for your love and guidance."
- Clementine Heath (hollywood actress)

"I am able to attain sleep listening to you every night! Thank YOU for helping me through my troubled times and an illness that I am hiding from my Loved ones!!!!! God Bless You and I thank God that I found you!"
- Maryanne Hughes Guenther (former airline stewardess)

"I'm reading an excellent book from a woman I met on my recent Fiji Island cruise and it's, sassy, funny, expressive, sexy, controversial and highly inspirational. Expand your mind, imagination and growth, and read books, you won't regret it. Elizabeth, your book 500 confessions has inspired me beyond belief, and I've not even read it all yet."
- Loraine Denison (adventurer)

"Hi Elizabeth, you are being praised for the fantastic website. We are receiving numerous comments how great it looks and how easy to find things. It is certainly providing the results intended. We are receiving orders like we have never seen before, instant purchasing! If you were close by we would take you out for dinner, it will wait until you come over one day, serious!"
- Peter and Maureen Byl (organature)

"I LOVE my website. It looks amazing!! … The product photos are beautiful. Thank you for staying on task and getting us up and running in such a short time. Well done for making my new enterprise a sure success. I cannot thank you enough."
- Nerelle Loader (mineral makeup online)

"Thank you for believing in me and taking this job. Other people are loving your work and I love it too. The pictures are awesome. The article you did about Doris is brilliant. I'm making an appointment to get the next video done too! How grateful this man is."
- Tye Blyth (personal trainer)

"After 40 years of marriage my wife left me. Your beautifully expressed wisdom has helped banish the pains of the wound that caused me to run away and hide. Your exhortation to "go out and have fun" makes me stop doubting whether I'm good enough, and cease pondering what could go wrong, in my new relationship with a woman who loves me to bits already. Thank you Elizabeth Richardson"
- Stew Shaw (s.j.s. associates)

"WOW! You got it done overnight. I think it's amazing. Thank you. Send me the invoice. You're the best at this! What more can I say, except now I want you to set up my adwords campaign and work on some videos too if that's OK."
- Lyndon Richardson (ljr plumbing contractors)

"O MY GOD!!!! That is SO GOOD, I physically laughed with excitement. Wow man, you’re EXCELLENT. It's with deep gratitude that I thank you for your modest price. That site’s worth way more. THANK YOU. As you can kinda tell, I’m seriously impressed Elizabeth. I really wanted to do business with you cos I had a gut feeling. Great vibe … and you've far exceeded my expectations. "
- Paul Sykes (musician)

"You words in 500 Confessions about why men & women withdraw was so spot on, I almost cried when I read it! I swear, I have learned so much from you about the real-life application of LOA that I'm "getting it" in a way that's changed my life. Thank you for sharing your experience … It's certainly amplified mine! "
- Shelli Clemens (sales executive)

"Thank you for the exemplary job you have accomplished. You have certainly shown me my own property in a different light…you have a way of making everyday things look beautiful!"
- Linda Brough (romantic cottage getaway)

"Wow this is awesome … you are just so wonderful and we appreciate your time!!! Thank you. Thank you, we love it. Have a lovely weekend … you made ours!"
- Wes and Trish Joyce (lalshaven warmbloods)

Web Design Showcase

Here are some examples of past website and product photography work with approximate prices to help you get an idea of what I can do for you too. ~ ER

Our Crazy Team

These are some of the special people who add extra meaning and joy to my life. ~ ER



Regular Prankster


Head Honcho

Shannon takes leadership very seriously! So when his mates bet he couldn't put on 14 kgs in 14 days, he took the challenge and ran with it. Beer and BBQ has never looked better!



Drinks Manager

Lydon is often found chatting up the bar staff and picking up the tab in a restaurant - even for 30 people! But his greatest achievement is getting his cousin drunk in front of his parents. We're wondering what else he's capable of getting away with.



Party Planner

Daniel can tackle any task and do it mightily, but there's nothing he gets a bigger kick out of than arranging costumes for parties. We still have in our possession a horse head that traveled the entire east coast of Australia as proof of his genius.





Store Manager/Hairdresser




The Boss








The Director

List Of Services

I've always been able to adapt quickly into any field I choose to master, but I only ever do the work that I really love to do. That means, when I focus on a task, I give it my heart and soul. ~ ER

Coaching for Individuals Couples & Groups

Find relief from your most pressing problem. Release resistance. Resolve conflict. Create harmony. Take life/business to the next level. ~ ER

  • Business Boost
    $600 per group
    up to 6 staff
    TIME: 1 hour
    Google Hangouts, Zoom
    subject to availability
  • Emotional Uplift
    $500 per session
    one on one
    TIME: 1 hour
    Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Messenger
    limited availability
  • Couples Alignment
    $300 each per session
    two on one
    TIME: 1 hour
    Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom
    limited availability
  • Group Empowerment
    $250 each
    3 to 10 people
    TIME: 1 hour
    VENUE: Google Hangouts
    subject to availability


Feel free to use any of the contact methods below. I'd love to talk with you. ~ ER

Contact info
326 Marine Parade Labrador GOLD COAST 4215 Australia +61 459675251